Tutorial: How to integrate Carriots with Google Suite (Google Sheets)

Google Suite is a powerful tool you can use in an easy way in your IoT projects too. With this Tutorial, Carriots make it easy and allow important benefits for your project like:

  • Send and save data in a Google Sheet
  • Read data from a Google Sheet and use it in your IoT project in Carriots

Here is a diagram of the setup we have in the Tutorial where a RPi device uses Carriots and Google Sheet API V4 to send and read data:

Tutorial G Suite

The tutorial has 5 steps to follow and some links if you need help about some topics like Google API or how to create a listener in our platform ( this is the example we use to show you how it works). Carriots policy is to be an open IoT Platform and the benefits to be integrated with Google G Suite and Google Drive are enormous. For example it allows you to access the information wherever you are, from any device and you can share it with different people. The benefits of Google Sheet too are that you can create presentations with the data to show it. Google Sheets are a part of a Google Suite that have many resources and they are always making innovations. For example , in the next video, G-Suite explain a new feature about presentations that maybe you can see useful:

Google Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for your Domain.

In Carriots, we believe in makings things easy, open, and useful for everyone. If you need help in any way, please use our forum to contact our team or drop us an email to support (support@carriots.com)

Enjoy it!

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