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South Summit: Crowdsourcing the Innovation Ecosystem

We enjoyed 3 days of South Summit full of experiences: meeting new startups, learning from different speakers, testing new tech products, taking to customers … We had a space in the Orange Stand because the company has an acceleration program we won last year. This year The Orange Fab Program has selected three new startups: Momit, Sensovida and Iomando.  Momit has a Smart Home solution to reduce energy consumed at homes, Sensovida is an innovative telecare solution that detects the presence of a person in their houses and IOmando, a new system to control the access to our homes ( or companies) with a mobile phone and without keys. Our CEO Miguel Castillo participated in a round table about Empowering Disruptors moderated by Eric Tartanson VP Corporate Development at Orange .

South Summit Round Table

At South Summit there were several acceleration programs and investors interested in new services or products related with new technologies. These type of gatherings show the endless opportunities to innovate in any sector.  Attending round tables discussions and masterclasses from successful entrepreneurs is always inspiring.

Here is the list of ideas worth noting on our diary:

  1. Focus on your project as your only job
  2. Do not be afraid to fail
  3. You will certainly need more resources than you planned
  4. Time and money are scarce resources, so don’t waste them
  5. Don’t surrender!

A good read: OpenAxel’s White Paper on the connection of StartUps with the Industry

Launched in October 2013 and funded within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, OPENAXEL (www. OPENAXEL.com) is a 30-month project involving 8 partners (leading accelerators, institutional entities, and specialized innovation consulting firms) from 6 European countries and with wide international exposure. OPENAXEL intends to open the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe by identifying the key stakeholders of the acceleration and the ICT industries and fostering coordinated involvement and smart cooperation among them.

OpenAxel WhitePaper CPE

With the OpenAxel WhitePaper on Corporate Startup Engagement , OPENAXEL partners wish to contribute to the lively debate on how to shorten the gap between established corporations and innovative digital startups. The analysis has been focussed on the role of business accelerators in facilitating collaboration initiatives.


The white paper start by analysing how large companies engage with start ups, a trend called Corporate StartUp Engagement (CSE). More than half of the world’s 500 biggest

public companies work with startups. Interactions between startups and corporations are

becoming increasingly popular and Europe is in the forefront of CSE.


According to OpenAxel “In light of the survey findings, almost all (97%) the European corporations have carefully analysed their needs for open innovation, though implementations are still on their way.”

Companies Motivation to work with Startups. Source OpenAxel WhitePaper
Companies Motivation to work with Startups. Source OpenAxel WhitePaper


The report has several interesting Case Studies of European companies doing CSE through several initiatives:

  • Business Plan / Hackathons
  • Partnerships with external accelerators / incubators
  • Corportate Accelerator /Incubator
  • Corportae Venutre Capital
  • Scouting / Consultancy firms

The White Paper is aimed at:

  • Startups and corporations: might find interesting suggestions on best practices and key problems. Additionally, they can find useful tips on how to identify good partners in the accelerators universe.
  • Accelerator managers: might put into use a new set of self-assessment tools to position their business towards both kinds of clients.
  • Policy makers: might survey up-to-date implementations of good practices by European corporations, and a framework to detect accelerators, which could help sustain policies of open innovation.

The document ends with some nice recommendations for the CSE ecosystems and participants. Enjoy the reading!

Ôasys, a new household water-tracking in KickStarter

Ôasys is a new start-up with an innovative idea: a water-tracking tool you can use at home to control your water consumption. The tool is very easy to install at home and shows how much water you use, track the progression and set challenges to reduce your total consumption. The tool puts the information into context showing real-time local water reserve levels, and precipitation forecasts. It also alerts if the water consumption changes meaning that its possible you have a leak or a overuse.


Now the company just launched a campaign in Kicstarter to step forward to achieve the production of the tool.

If you want to know more or support them here is the Ôasys KickStarter

RS-232/RS-485 Communication over Wireless Mesh by M2C

Let us you introduce you to one of our spanish partners, a Start-Up company called “Machine to Cloud Solutions” ( http://www.m2c-solutions.es ) aka M2C.

Machine To Cloud creates M2M solutions for diferent industrial sectors

M2C has created a nice solution to remotely manage industrial equipment with a wired RS-232/RS-485 interface over a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) connected to the cloud via a gateway. This solution can be used in several scenarios:

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