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Waste: a big problem with many IoT solutions

The Internet of Things is useful in many sectors and also has benefits for our Environment. The process of recycling starts always when we put the waste in their correct recycling bin and ends in the treatment plants for glass, paper, textile… but in the middle there are many things that our cities, our Smart Cities can do. Here are some examples of companies working NOW in this area.

Enevo is one of the many companies around the world developing sensors to convert existing waste containers into IoT objects. The data tell us if the container is full or not and automatically generates trends which the system analyses to generate pickup routes to collect the waste. Here is a real example in the Municipality of Rotterdam (Netherlands) with Enevo´s Sensors:

Bigbelly is another player who has a Smart Waste and Recycling System. Instead of upgrading the existing containers, their concept is to replace them with their own bin with a compactor system that presses the garbage down and allows eight times more waste than a conventional container. You can see how it works here:

Technology is nice but recycling demands the citizens commitment in the process. That is why it is also interesting to take a look at project like the one in Alcalá de Xivert (Spain) where citizens receive benefits by recycling! Formato Verde is the company who runs it through special bins for waste in the area. Citizens are invited to participate and receive a RFID card who allows to open the bin and leave the waste in each container distinguishing between: paper, plastic or organics. In this way citizens win green points who reduce the garbage municipal tax…GREAT!

You can see a video here ( in spanish but you can see the idea works)

These are just a few example of companies developing IoT solutions for a better sustainable world.

You read can more information about this companies in their websites:


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Pozuelo City Hall chooses the Carriots CityLife platform

Carriots CityLifeThe Pozuelo City Hall chooses the Carriots CityLife platform from Wairbut for its Smart City project

Carriots CityLife platform will allow monitoring of everything that happens in the city to improve the management of city services and the quality of life of the citizens.

With this initiative, Pozuelo wants to become the Spanish national reference for Smart City environments.

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From one Expo to another, from San Franciso to Barcelona

A few weeks ago we were at GigaOm Mobilize event in San Francisco where the trend was “Everything Connected”. You can watch the recorded sessions here and see how the Internet of Things is changing many businesses and companies, from General Electric to Farmers in the US.

It was our first show in USA and had some troubles with the logistics and the US customs. Our beautiful Smart City demo made with Legos and a RaspberryPi was deconstructed during the shipping and delayed by insufficient information on an import form. It is not that easy to declare this shipping contain!

This how our package arrived:

Carriots Lego SmarCity arrives to SFO

But after just one hour of Lego assembly work, the result was this:

Carriots stand at GigaOm Mobilize 2013 event
Carriots stand at GigaOm Mobilize 2013 event. From left to right: Javier Pastor (Development Director), Alvaro Everlet (CTO) and Miguel Castillo (CEO)

Next week Carriots is attending Smart City Expo WorldCongress in Barcelona, 19-21 Nov . Since Carriots HQ is located in Madrid, a short trip to Barcelona, just 2h30min trip in high speed train, is jet-lag free! Come visit us there and you will be able to see our Lego Smart City and talk to part or team.

Smart City Wolrd Congress

Our Development Director, Javier Pastor, will also report from there how the Internet of Things is one of key technologies to create Smart Cities. Stay tuned to this blog to read it.

During our visit to Barcelona we will also gather with the group IOT-Barcelona to check what is going there. All the talks are in English, so you have no excuses to miss it.

IOT Barcelona Group

See you in Barcelona!

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