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Tutorial: How to Connect a Raspberry to Carriots and a Relay

In Carriots we have an easy platform to use and practice your IoT projects. Most of users start by creating Proof of Concept (POC) prototypes with simple computing boards. Therefore we publish simple Tutorial with most demanded features for POCs. We have just published a new tutorial to connect a Raspberry to our Platform to monitor and control a Relay. In this example you create an alarm app warning us if a light is on by monitoring the state of a Relay.

Tutorial: How to Connect a Raspberry to Carriots and a Relay 1

This is an easy and fast example about how a Raspbery Pi can be programmed to send a data stream to Carriots and build apps very quickly with a few lines of code. In this scenario we are going to build a very simple Alert App that sends a SMS to you in case that Raspberry Pi detects a change in the Relay.

Tutorial: How to Connect a Raspberry to Carriots and a Relay

This is a very simple example, but our platform permits more complex integrations and uses. You have more tutorials on our Developers Space and also documentation .And if you have any doubts you can use our forum to contact our team or drop us an email to support ( support@carriots.com )

Have a nice weekend !

Tutorial: IFTTT works with Carriots


IFTTT ( https://ifttt.com/) allows to do channel integrations with smart devices and web applications. In your home you can connect devices like WEMO, HUE or NEST. IFTTT let’s you create simple automations with their recipes. Now you can combine the power of Carriots with IFTTT to create more powerful solutions.    

As an example, we have created a simple tutorial that shows you how Carriots devices can send data to Google Spreadsheets trough IFTTT.

Enjoy it!

The Carriots Team


New developer features at Carriots

New developer features in your favorite IoT platform!

Account_info_2You can now check your account usage information on the control panel. Check under “My Settings” -> “Account info“. You will find valuable information about:

  • API Requests
  • Streams received
  • Data export requests
  • Outbound requests
  • Emails sent
  • SMS sent

device-console And last but definitely not least we are proud to announce our new REST API Console It’s a wonderful tool for testing and interacting with Carriots REST API fully linked with your account and the documentation. Features:

  • You can test the WHOLE REST API from the web
  • Live edition, no page reloads needed
  • JSON and XML formats allowed in real time
  • When logged in Carriots, your APIKEY will be automatically used
  • You can change your APIKEY at anytime to test it
  • Carriots entities management
  • Direct access to your account for REAL
  • Verbose request and responses
  • Response discrimination
  • Documentation cross-links

Find it there: Carriots REST API Console

create-groupAnd there will be more to come, so stay tuned!

Open Innovation with Cisco

At Carriots we are proud to announce our partnership with Cisco and our involvement in their new openBerlin IoE Innovation Center.

Carriots was created to sparkle open innovation around the world, from makers to big companies or IoT start-ups. Our software was designed to promote rapid proof of concept prototyping so that new products or services can be quickly tested in the market.

At Cisco IoE Innovation Centers they have the same vision. So it is great that we are part of their ecosystem. Carriots will be an active member of this open innovation community and will:

  • Integrate Cisco Hardware with Carriots to help developers plug and play.
  • Publish our tutorial examples combining Cisco routers and Carriots.
  • Provide sample units of the IoT projects we have done for some of our customers, to see how people can hack them.
  • Participate in a wide variety of hackhaton and innovation activities related to hot topics like security, protocols or simply exploring new business IoE solutions.

Great work Cisco for this initiative! Now lets all innovate together…