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Tutorial: How to build a public dashboard with Geckobard

One of the advantages of Internet of Things is that you have more information. How you use it in your benefit can make a big difference. Re-organize all the information you have and make a clear vision of all of it, helps you to make better decisions. Today, we offer you a tutorial about how to build a dashboard with Geckoboard. Geckoboard is an online software to create public dashboards with your metrics. To have a dashboard can help you to see the information.


The tutorial has 6 simple steps to build a nice visual dashboard which collects data from Carriots platform. We have used our meteo station to feed the example. The tutorial ends talking about some advises about Geckoboard and some ideas to enhance your project like improving widgets functionalities adding filters for comparison of metrics for example. The tutorial explains this step too. We hope you enjoy it!

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Tutorial: how to create a public Dashboard with your Carriots account and Initial State service

This is a new service available for Carriots corporate accounts (subscription charges apply). You can now create very visual dashboards to have a better “picture” of your data. With all sort of widgets you can better decisions in seconds.  We have created a new section, on your Carriots control panel, called Dashboard, that looks like this:



Here you will find information about this new service and its monthly cost. Once you subscribe to it you will be able to create dashboards and configure them with data. To show show how it looks like, we have created a tutorial with the example of our weather station ( and old Carriots project you can read about that here). After a few hour collecting data the visual is clear:



These Dashboards are easy to create and you do not need to write any line of code. Plus you can also share your information with a simple URL and make it public if you want!  We hope you find this new feature of Carriots IoT Platform useful. And if you have any doubts you can use our forum to contact our team or drop us an email to support (support@carriots.com )

Enjoy it!

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Fresh and New Carriots Control Panel

In some way Carriots is like a giant iceberg. The control panel is the visual part of the software. But this user interface is only a small part of our IoT Platform. Since we launched our first version, almost our entire product enhancement happened in areas below the user interface surface. We added a lot of features to make our engine more powerful and some of these features were only available through the API.

For the past months we have worked on updating the control panel to be friendlier and give you more useful information. Here is the result:


As you can see we added some new features:

  • Dashboards to monitor the usage and limits of you account (both minute and daily limits) detalleLimits
  • A better Geo-location integration (Don’t forget to declare the position of your device like you configure it)detalleMap
  • A better Alarm management system
  • A new Terminal to test the code of your listeners with colors to help you the writing and debugging.detalleConsola
  • A new navigation through shortcuts.detalleShortcuts


We also have a new very exciting feature: A new Apps Market Zone. This area is designed for third party apps or services to be integrated with Carriots. Here you will find free services like Twitter or Dropbox but also paying services from other companies offering amazing extensions to Carriots. We just launched our first paying service with Initial State dash-boarding service. With InitialState you can create powerful dashboards, using your data in Carriots with a very simple drag and drop. Here is a sample of the result:


In the following weeks we will post more about this area and how we partner with other companies to promote it.

We hope you enjoy Carriots new features and visual user interface. Stay tuned because many more visual features are expected in the coming months.

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Cool Projects section opens with a Business Intelligence for Beer Industry with an RPi, an Arduino and Carriots

This project proposes to install a flowmeter between the beer barrel and the tap. Each time a beer is served the information is sent to Carriots. Then, all data is stored and pushed to external information systems to extract useful information by the smart Business Intelligence guys.

More information on the project here https://www.carriots.com/cool_project/flowmeter

You can create a similar project using our tutorial on how to combine Arduino, Raspberry Pi, a flowmeter and Carriots to collect data: https://www.carriots.com/tutorials/Arduino_RPi_Carriots/flowmeter

This tutorial includes all the source code you need to create the project.

More cool projects to come in the next weeks!

Enjoy Carriots

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A Dashboard for your IOT devices: Integrate Carriots with Ducksboard

One of the goals of Carriots is to integrate easily with external IT Applications and Systems to provide more functionalities for your products or services. That is why we are always looking for third party applications that can we integrated with Carriots and write a tutorial on how to do it. Today’s integration with Ducksboard is a series of posts on these integrations and their possibilities.

First of all: What is Ducksboard?

Well Ducksboard has nothing to do with Carriots. It just happens that we found their product cool and we thought it might be an interesting to integrate the products through our APIs.

Ducksboard has built a nice web application to have custom dashboards with real time information. You can build your own dashboards by combining many types of widgets. If you take a look at the services they hook to you might notice that these dashboards are not YET used by Internet of Things (IOT) devices. Don’t worry. Ducksboard supports to have custom widgets for:

  • Numbers
  • Images
  • Text

Take a look at their services and their website:

Ducksboard features

This is how their Ducksboards Dashboards look like:

Example of Dashboard

Why should I integrate Carriots with Ducksboard?

By sending data from Carriots to Ducksboard you can have a custom dashboard to show in real time:

  • Data collected by the sensors of your devices: Use a custom widget to show or graph numeric information. In Carriots you can choose which information you want to send to the dashboard. You decide which values of your data streams are sent to which widgets.
Example of Widget tracking a Geiger Counter
  • Status information of your devices: If you use Carriots features to automatically track the status of your devices you create nice widgets like this one:
Example of Wodget tracking a Device Status
  • Convert data into useful information and present it in a Dashboard: In Carriots you can use listeners to process data collected from your devices and convert raw data into useful information. For example you can create a business rule to track the temperature of an asset and generate an alarm when the value is out of the normal range. Then, you can also send that alarm information to Ducksboard to be shown in a dashboard.

You can combine these widgets with others that collect information from other sources like Zendesk or Google Analytics. Or you can even embed those widgets into your web application and create a full meshup of services.

How to integrate Carriots with Ducksboard?

Well it is very simple and we have created this tutorial for you:

Carriots Tutorial to integrate Ducksboard: https://www.carriots.com/tutorials/others_APIs/ducksboard

This tutorial shows you the two different methods of integration:

  • The simple and super fast way: Using a Trigger to push data to Ducksboard API
  • The more flexible but only fast way: Using a listener to connect to Ducksboard API

Depending on your application needs it might better to use a simple trigger or to use all the power of a listener.

If you have any trouble integrating Carriots and Ducksboard check our Developer Forum and post your questions or simply share your experience with the rest of the community.

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