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“The Api Hour: IoTDay” , the IOT and Wearables event will take place at BBVA’s Innovation Centre with Carriots participation.

The Api Hour 2015 Madrid

A unique event in Madrid, October 8th where innovations, expert speakers and demos are together around the Internet of Things World and the IT sector.

APIs and IoT are together in this event who gathers the most relevant experts and companies in the sector.

Companies like Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, BBVA, Fitbit, Zerintia, Telefónica, Insteon,  Libelium, Aborda, IDC, Think Big Factory, Carriots, Cooking Hacks, BEEVA, Genoa, M2M Consultancy and Meetup IoT Madrid are some of them.

Our CEO, Miguel Castillo will be one of the speakers with the topic “challenges and benefits to create connected products”.

You have all the information on the site www.theapihour.com.

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Carriots is featured in DZone’s Guide to Developer Programs

Carriots is featured in DZone’s latest research guide, the Guide to Developer Programs. This guide provides a full analysis of developer programs, a directory of the most popular programs, articles outlining why joining the right program could benefit your career, and industry insights detailing how other developers take advantage of developer programs. You can download the free research guide here: bit.ly/1bq8daQ.

With app markets more crowded than ever, it’s hard to stand out among other developers. To solve this problem, many developers are looking to developer programs for support, as well as resources that can’t be found in most out-of-the-box solutions. According to DZone’s Guide to Developer Programs, over 50% of their audience of developers have joined at least one developer program. So what is that attracts so many developers to developer programs?

Tools, Resources, and Community

By joining a developer program, members gain access to essential tools and resources – things like an API, documentation, SDKs, sample applications, and community forums. According to DZone’s research, 72% of survey respondents agreed that organizations with developer programs have higher quality APIs.

Developers also benefit from the community found within a developer program. It can’t be understated – whether collaborating on projects or looking for support, developers can rely on their peers within a program to create better applications. Not to mention, joining a developer program can open doors – 18% of the DZone audience said that they’ve received job offers from working on an open source project, while 12% said they’ve received offers from working on a project in a developer program.

Learn more about how developer programs can impact your career and get help finding the right developer program for you by downloading a copy of the free DZone Guide to Developer Programs.

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A Dashboard for your IOT devices: Integrate Carriots with Ducksboard

One of the goals of Carriots is to integrate easily with external IT Applications and Systems to provide more functionalities for your products or services. That is why we are always looking for third party applications that can we integrated with Carriots and write a tutorial on how to do it. Today’s integration with Ducksboard is a series of posts on these integrations and their possibilities.

First of all: What is Ducksboard?

Well Ducksboard has nothing to do with Carriots. It just happens that we found their product cool and we thought it might be an interesting to integrate the products through our APIs.

Ducksboard has built a nice web application to have custom dashboards with real time information. You can build your own dashboards by combining many types of widgets. If you take a look at the services they hook to you might notice that these dashboards are not YET used by Internet of Things (IOT) devices. Don’t worry. Ducksboard supports to have custom widgets for:

  • Numbers
  • Images
  • Text

Take a look at their services and their website:

Ducksboard features

This is how their Ducksboards Dashboards look like:

Example of Dashboard

Why should I integrate Carriots with Ducksboard?

By sending data from Carriots to Ducksboard you can have a custom dashboard to show in real time:

  • Data collected by the sensors of your devices: Use a custom widget to show or graph numeric information. In Carriots you can choose which information you want to send to the dashboard. You decide which values of your data streams are sent to which widgets.
Example of Widget tracking a Geiger Counter
  • Status information of your devices: If you use Carriots features to automatically track the status of your devices you create nice widgets like this one:
Example of Wodget tracking a Device Status
  • Convert data into useful information and present it in a Dashboard: In Carriots you can use listeners to process data collected from your devices and convert raw data into useful information. For example you can create a business rule to track the temperature of an asset and generate an alarm when the value is out of the normal range. Then, you can also send that alarm information to Ducksboard to be shown in a dashboard.

You can combine these widgets with others that collect information from other sources like Zendesk or Google Analytics. Or you can even embed those widgets into your web application and create a full meshup of services.

How to integrate Carriots with Ducksboard?

Well it is very simple and we have created this tutorial for you:

Carriots Tutorial to integrate Ducksboard: https://www.carriots.com/tutorials/others_APIs/ducksboard

This tutorial shows you the two different methods of integration:

  • The simple and super fast way: Using a Trigger to push data to Ducksboard API
  • The more flexible but only fast way: Using a listener to connect to Ducksboard API

Depending on your application needs it might better to use a simple trigger or to use all the power of a listener.

If you have any trouble integrating Carriots and Ducksboard check our Developer Forum and post your questions or simply share your experience with the rest of the community.

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