Tutorial: MQTT support and new Electric Imp

We have to welcome a new protocol at Carriots. MQTT is here to stay!

Lots of efforts and great stuff from the Eclipse guys has driven us to offer this first approach to another IoT protocol standard. MQTT stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport and it’s a lightweight Machine to Machine or Internet if Things publish/suscribe connectivity protocol.

Based on the Paho and Mosquitto projects, we have extended our input options and you can now send MQTT streams to Carriots. Just send them and all the magic will just happen as usual. You can use the same listeners, rules, devices, etc.

More information at:

And to continue our IoT alarm saga check our new tutorial using the Electric Imp to send streams to Carriots: https://www.carriots.com/tutorials/electric_imp_carriots/alert_system

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  1. Cristian118

    Hello, I was trying to use the electric imp with carriots, but in the moment that the electric imp have to send the data to carriots, it don´t send anything, i suposse that i have to use the full privileges api key and in the device im using examplename@username.username, is that correct? or this is not the problem? please answer me. thank you.

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