A good read: OpenAxel’s White Paper on the connection of StartUps with the Industry

Launched in October 2013 and funded within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, OPENAXEL (www. OPENAXEL.com) is a 30-month project involving 8 partners (leading accelerators, institutional entities, and specialized innovation consulting firms) from 6 European countries and with wide international exposure. OPENAXEL intends to open the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe by identifying the key stakeholders of the acceleration and the ICT industries and fostering coordinated involvement and smart cooperation among them.

OpenAxel WhitePaper CPE

With the OpenAxel WhitePaper on Corporate Startup Engagement , OPENAXEL partners wish to contribute to the lively debate on how to shorten the gap between established corporations and innovative digital startups. The analysis has been focussed on the role of business accelerators in facilitating collaboration initiatives.


The white paper start by analysing how large companies engage with start ups, a trend called Corporate StartUp Engagement (CSE). More than half of the world’s 500 biggest

public companies work with startups. Interactions between startups and corporations are

becoming increasingly popular and Europe is in the forefront of CSE.


According to OpenAxel “In light of the survey findings, almost all (97%) the European corporations have carefully analysed their needs for open innovation, though implementations are still on their way.”

Companies Motivation to work with Startups. Source OpenAxel WhitePaper
Companies Motivation to work with Startups. Source OpenAxel WhitePaper


The report has several interesting Case Studies of European companies doing CSE through several initiatives:

  • Business Plan / Hackathons
  • Partnerships with external accelerators / incubators
  • Corportate Accelerator /Incubator
  • Corportae Venutre Capital
  • Scouting / Consultancy firms

The White Paper is aimed at:

  • Startups and corporations: might find interesting suggestions on best practices and key problems. Additionally, they can find useful tips on how to identify good partners in the accelerators universe.
  • Accelerator managers: might put into use a new set of self-assessment tools to position their business towards both kinds of clients.
  • Policy makers: might survey up-to-date implementations of good practices by European corporations, and a framework to detect accelerators, which could help sustain policies of open innovation.

The document ends with some nice recommendations for the CSE ecosystems and participants. Enjoy the reading!

Funding for European IoT experiments by CPSE Labs. Apply until June 22nd.

At Carriots we have many start-ups creating amazing IoT proof of concepts with our free accounts or corporate solutions. If you are one of these entrepreneurs and you are looking for funding, you might be interested in the CPSE Labs 3rd Open Call. Selected experiments may be awarded up to € 150,000 and gain access to high quality world class expertise. You can apply to CPSE Labs until June 22nd, 2016 at 17:00 h. CET.

Funding-Image EU
Source: http://www.euro-freelancers.eu/eu-funding/

Cyber-physical systems  are networked collections of interacting devices, sensors, hardware and software services for collaboratively delivering new functions. The field of CPS includes developers and manufacturers of devices and software, technology suppliers, and systems integrators. Many technology and engineering firms are already working in cyber-physical systems without identifying it as such. Almost all IoT devices are considered cyber-physical systems.

CPS in Industrial solutions. Source: Wikipedia.org

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs (CPSE Labs)  is a European Union-funded initiative designed to provide support for engineering and technology businesses in Europe, which makes technical support and funding available to European technology businesses by funding experiments.

CPSE Labs is supported by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme

In particular, these experiments are expected to be focused and fast-track and aimed at developing cyber-physical systems (CPSs). Selected experiments may be awarded up to € 150,000 and, in addition to funding, gain access to support and advice from specialist research staff.


Any organisation eligible for EU support is very welcome to apply. Proposals from SMEs or organisations new to EU funding are particularly welcomed. Costs will be re-imbursed to industrial applicants and profit organization at the rate of 70% (including direct costs and 25% for indirect costs) and to non-profit at the rate of 100% (including direct costs and 25% for indirect costs).


Read the info of the call here: http://www.cpse-labs.eu/calls.php


Fresh and New Carriots Control Panel

In some way Carriots is like a giant iceberg. The control panel is the visual part of the software. But this user interface is only a small part of our IoT Platform. Since we launched our first version, almost our entire product enhancement happened in areas below the user interface surface. We added a lot of features to make our engine more powerful and some of these features were only available through the API.

For the past months we have worked on updating the control panel to be friendlier and give you more useful information. Here is the result:


As you can see we added some new features:

  • Dashboards to monitor the usage and limits of you account (both minute and daily limits) detalleLimits
  • A better Geo-location integration (Don’t forget to declare the position of your device like you configure it)detalleMap
  • A better Alarm management system
  • A new Terminal to test the code of your listeners with colors to help you the writing and debugging.detalleConsola
  • A new navigation through shortcuts.detalleShortcuts


We also have a new very exciting feature: A new Apps Market Zone. This area is designed for third party apps or services to be integrated with Carriots. Here you will find free services like Twitter or Dropbox but also paying services from other companies offering amazing extensions to Carriots. We just launched our first paying service with Initial State dash-boarding service. With InitialState you can create powerful dashboards, using your data in Carriots with a very simple drag and drop. Here is a sample of the result:


In the following weeks we will post more about this area and how we partner with other companies to promote it.

We hope you enjoy Carriots new features and visual user interface. Stay tuned because many more visual features are expected in the coming months.

New tutorial: IFTTT works with Carriots


IFTTT ( https://ifttt.com/) allows to do channel integrations with smart devices and web applications. In your home you can connect devices like WEMO, HUE or NEST. IFTTT let’s you create simple automations with their recipes. Now you can combine the power of Carriots with IFTTT to create more powerful solutions.    

As an example, we have created a simple tutorial that shows you how Carriots devices can send data to Google Spreadsheets trough IFTTT.

Enjoy it!

The Carriots Team


Carriots is selected to participate in the first edition of Orange Fab in Spain!

Orange Fab is an accelerator program of Orange Group present in many countries like USA, Japan, France, Israel, China, Poland, Korea, Ivory Coast and Jordan.

For this first edition in Spain, Carriots has been selected as one of the three start-ups to work with Orange to develop business in strategic areas like Internet of Things. A few weeks back, 30 companies were selected to pitch, only 3 won a place in the acceleration program: Transermobile (NFC payment), PlanetUS (Wearable Technologies) and Carriots.

Today at FICOD (www.ficod.es) there was a workshop to present Orange Fab Spanish program and the three companies. Our CEO, Miguel Castillo was presenting Carriots to the attendees.


This is a great opportunity for Carriots to develop IoT business with Orange, improving the portfolio products with joint solutions for Orange and his customers.


This 3 Spanish companies will be part of the family of 100 start-ups around the world already supported by Orange.

You can learn more of Orange Fab in this webpages:



Sigfox introduces the “Makers Tours” around different cities in Europe

The goal is to expand the developer and manufacturer community using the Sigfox´s tecnology to achieve new objetcs, services and apps connected with IoT. In each city, Sigfox will select 30 participants to hack around a developer kit that includes a free year subscription. If you are interested, check this web http://makers.sigfox.com/tour to learn more.

sigfox makers tour

The tour has already visited Lille & Paris, but if you live in Toulouse, Madrid or Barcelona you still can apply. In 2016, other cities like Berlin, Dublin or Brussels are candidates.

Sigfox is a global leader in IoT connectivity, and their network already supports several millions of devices. The Carriots Platform is already integrated with Sigfox. So if you want to develop your IoT product faster you can build a prototype in a few hour with our Free Account. You can learn more about Carriots and Sigfox in this tutorial https://www.carriots.com/documentation/sigfox


Grand Opening ! OpenBerlin, a Cisco IoE Innovation Center to help organizations improve IoT adoption opens on October 15th

An innovation center and workplace for customers, partners, startups, universities and open communities. Everything is around 3 vectors:

  • Demostrating IoE( Internet of Everything) in action to solve business a public sector problems
  • Engaging in rapid solution and product prototyping
  • Research and investments in local resources


Carriots, is proud to be part of this ecosystem showing our technology Carriots IoT Platform on the Cloud and sharing our expertise in the IoT projects in different areas: like agriculture, water, health, traffic, etc.

This Cisco initiative give us the opportunity to cooperate with other players of the IoT sector and innovative at the edge of business digitalization.

Ôasys, a new household water-tracking in KickStarter

Ôasys is a new start-up with an innovative idea: a water-tracking tool you can use at home to control your water consumption. The tool is very easy to install at home and shows how much water you use, track the progression and set challenges to reduce your total consumption. The tool puts the information into context showing real-time local water reserve levels, and precipitation forecasts. It also alerts if the water consumption changes meaning that its possible you have a leak or a overuse.


Now the company just launched a campaign in Kicstarter to step forward to achieve the production of the tool.

If you want to know more or support them here is the Ôasys KickStarter

“The Api Hour: IoTDay” , the IOT and Wearables event will take place at BBVA’s Innovation Centre with Carriots participation.

The Api Hour 2015 Madrid

A unique event in Madrid, October 8th where innovations, expert speakers and demos are together around the Internet of Things World and the IT sector.

APIs and IoT are together in this event who gathers the most relevant experts and companies in the sector.

Companies like Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, BBVA, Fitbit, Zerintia, Telefónica, Insteon,  Libelium, Aborda, IDC, Think Big Factory, Carriots, Cooking Hacks, BEEVA, Genoa, M2M Consultancy and Meetup IoT Madrid are some of them.

Our CEO, Miguel Castillo will be one of the speakers with the topic “challenges and benefits to create connected products”.

You have all the information on the site www.theapihour.com.

The Internet Solutions World Congress closes (IOTSWC) with high note and high participation of companies who show the evolution of the IoT nowadays

IoTS Barcelona

Carriots was one of the 88 companies exhibiting at the first Internet of Things Solutions Congress celebrated in Barcelona (Iot World Congress).

The IOTSWC showed how quickly the IoT industry is growing. Many interesting solutions were presented and demonstrates that IoT is spreading his benefits among many different industries.

More than 100 speakers updated the audience with the latest with the impact of IoT in sectors like Agriculture or consumer connected products. Other hot topics covered were security and how the financial industrial thinks that now it is the time to invest in IoT Start-Ups.

On the exhibition area many companies showed the state of the art in IoT technology. Among those companies Carriots was showing our popular Smart City made of Legos were all the logic resides in our Carriots IoT Platform on the Cloud. Visitors at our booth we able to play with our technology and see how it integrates with many different devices, from industrial IoT Gateways to the Google Glasses.

From Carriots, we want to say thanks to all the people who came to our stand. If you missed it, please come the next event to meet us.

No Doubt! The IOTSWC has become a reference in his first edition! Next editions will become more interesting as the market matures and evolves. Carriots will also be present next year. See next year at the #IOTSWC16.

Carriots Lego Smart City at IOTSWC